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Panel discussion: Visual Arts in Entertainment at Apollo Theater

I am so thrilled to announce that I will be a panelist of the panel discussion of Visual Arts in Entertainment at Apollo Theater tomorrow at 6pm!!!!!!! Presented by The Apollo Theater Education Program. So honored to discuss about this topic with the some most successful visual artists in the entertainment industry!

Join us on Thursday, June 21 as we welcome Mamiko Kushida as our panelist for #ApolloCareerPanel The New Composition: Visual Arts in Entertainment. About the panel discussion: This panel will explore the modern day visual artist in the music, theater and entertainment industries. Panelists will share how they transform performance spaces into visual experiences and how these experiences have shaped their careers and changed the field. In addition, they will advise young artists on the skills needed to manage a career in the arts and establish themselves in nontraditional spaces.

FREE RSVP at or click the link….

Join in on the discussion!

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#ApolloCareerPanel or #ApolloYoungProducers

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