Art Education by VJ Mamiko Kushida

Teaching Graphic Design , Animation , VJ and Projection Mapping at high school

VJ Mamiko Kushida has been teaching Digital arts including graphic design, animation / Motion graphics (Adobe CC), vj and projection mapping

at performing arts program at St. John's preparatory high school NYC. Here are students' works:

Projection Mapping  stage design for Christmas concert

Projection Mapping  stage design for spring concert

Projection Mapping & VJing for Halloween -

Thriller Michel Jackson

Class room photos.

Panel Discussion, Lecture and WorkShop

VJ Mamiko Kushida has spoken at Apollo theater education presents "Panel Discussion : Visual Arts in Entertainment" at Apollo theater .

Also She has been interviewed and talked about a career about VJ on Las Vegas based

She is also available for workshops.

Panel discussion: Visual Arts in Entertainment at Apollo Theater


Interview on Las Vegas based Careers In

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