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Interactive Live Performance
in the Projection Mapped Venue & the Metaverse

Shilly ,aka Bored Ape # 6722, is the world’s first Community Produced Recording Artist.
Shilly had his first live performance at NFT NYC at the immersive projection mapping venue ( Arts District ) in Brooklyn NYC on April 12th, 2023. The show was live-broadcast simultaneously in the metaverse using live mo-cap technology. I produced visuals ( 2D & 3D animations ) for this live performance. 
Visuals made with Unreal Engine, Adobe & Blender
Interactive Visual Content :
Real-Time Motion Tracking

Graphics/visuals are detecting and following the movement of people in real-time. This allows you to interact with graphics/visuals. We are able to set up this interactive experience at clubs, theaters, live event venues, commercial facilities, restaurants/bars, video shooting studios and any public places. Available to integrate this interactive video system into projection mapping & LED video screens.


Real-Time Motion Tracking: Interactive Art

Real-Time Motion Tracking Interactive Art : Floor Projection Mapping

Interactive Art : Real-Time motion tracked video wall

Interactive Art : Real-Time motion tracking

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