VJ Mamiko Kushida works virtually

Real-time rendered 3D animation / immersive enviroment for Livestream Virtual Event.

We are able to design real-time rendered 3D animation / digital immersive set  and do live visuals for your livestream event over the internet remotely. 

This technology works for DJs, Live music, live performance, fashion presentations, corporate events and other live streams. We design your online live streaming remotely!

Portfolio - The legend of  NYC nightlife DJ Jonathan Peters ‘s livestream virtual events

This video is highlights from the legendary NYC DJ Jonathan Peters ‘s livestream shows in 2021.

We've been creating Real-time rendered live visuals for his livestream virtual events. 

We are programming a digital immersive environment virtually, doing live visuals and he is live-DJing in it during livestreaming. This DJ and VJ livestream is done in real-time over the internet remotely. He is live DJing at his studio and we are doing live visuals at my studio . We are livestreaming every Saturday on jonathanpeters.com