VJ Mamiko Kushida works remotely

Let me help you create more attractive online live-streaming broadcasts.

In 2020, Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, We are offering Online Services. We are able to provide Real-Time live visuals for your online live-streaming broadcasts and online live events remotely, and able to add interactive interface on your Zoom account.  VJ Mamiko is available for private online lessons as well.

Remote & Real-Time, Live Visual Streaming for online live performances & online live events.

We made a system of Real-Time live visual streaming for dj’s live streaming at 2 different / remote locations.

We are able to stream live DJ set with VJ Mamiko's live visuals as DJ’s backdrop online video-sharing platforms such as youtube live, twitch live and Facebook live.

This system works for DJs, Live music, live performers fashion presentations, corporate events and other live streams. We design your online live streaming remotely!

Interactive Art for ZOOM

We are able to add interactive interface on your Zoom account. Available for custom designs.


Online Private lessons

This is going to be workshop style lessons, I will make custom lesson for your needs and we will work on art projects together. Approximately one and a half hours to 2 hours per session. It might take a couple of sessions to complete an art project.
Available subjects: VJing ( audio visual integration) | projection mapping | visual programming (creative coding) | graphic design | animation ( motion graphics) | career consultation. Check out VJ Mamiko's experience as an art educator on Teaching page